Website Design

We offer complete website design for small to medium-sized businesses. We will custom-design your site, with your photos, a color scheme of your choice, background pattern, buttons, links, etc., and your text (description of product or service, info about your company, contact info, etc.) We will also incorporate technical details such as “web friendly” optimization of all images, and the creation of keywords and description (for search engines and directories).

To get started, please contact us, or email us some general info about your business, and a contact name, and if possible, your phone number. We will then contact you, discuss your needs, and follow up with a written proposal based on your requirements. Do to all the variables, we cannot provide an estimate here, but as a general idea, m
any small, 4 to 6 page informational sites can be designed for within $350! Upon your approval, we will begin designing your site. We will consult with you on every stage of the process, so you'll always know what's going on! (We will upload pages to a temporary server for you to see.)

Once the initial design of your site is completed, we will set up a hosting package based on your needs. Our packages start at just $9.95 per month, and include a full Control Panel with site statistics, email, search engine submission, and more! If you already have a domain name and website, and simply need quality, cost-effective hosting, we can accommodate! Please email for info! Conversely, we will be happy to work with your provider if you currently have hosting!

Logo Design: We offer custom logo design for a flat fee of $75.00. We can work from your ideas, photos, etc., or you can let us "run with it!"

Important--Please Read Our Policies:

For most projects, we will provide an up-front written estimate, based upon the information provided to us at that time. Keep in mind, however, if you decide to make changes, additions, etc., your ultimate design fee may be higher. This also includes any other special needs, such as photo manipulation, custom-designed backgrounds, forms, etc., which were not discussed up-front. We will always provide a quote and/or options for any additions.

Our labor quotes are based on $10.00 per quarter-hour. After the initial design of any site, for all subsequent design and maintenance work, we bill in quarter-hour increments. If you are a legally recognized non-profit organization, please inquire about our special rates.

For some projects, we may require a 50% deposit up front, before any design work takes place. All design fees are due upon completion of the initial site design. The initial design is considered finished upon your approval and/or the publishing of the site.

Web Hosting: All web-hosting packages are billable in advance, on a calendar quarterly basis. When your site is first published we will prorate any excess days on the first bill. You may cancel your hosting service in writing at any time, and receive a refund for any prepaid, unused hosting. If you wish to move an existing site to our server, and are doing your own design and maintenance, there will be a one-time $25.00 set-up fee. (This fee is waived for sites we design and maintain.) IMPORTANT: If hosting payments are not received within 30 days of our billing, we will be forced to disconnect the hosting plan, as we are billed by the server! Before this occurs, we will make every attempt to remind you via email and/or phone, however, we reserve the right to disconnect hosting service without notice. To reinstate hosting, there is a $50.00 reconnection fee, in addition to any past unpaid hosting, the present quarter's hosting, and next 2 quarter's (6 months) hosting paid in advance. If hosting is disconnected for any reason your site will be considered "abandoned" and any further hosting instructions must be in writing. Be aware that we contract with a 3rd-party server. Although problems are infrequent, we cannot be held liable for any website outages, server problems, or unauthorized activities (hacking) which affect the functionality of a site. We will, however, at our discretion, issue credit for any days a website is offline on the subsequent hosting statement. If you are doing any website design/maintenance on your own, you do so at your own risk, so be sure to back up all files, images, etc.

Domain Names: We can register/renew domain names starting at $15.00 per year for most extensions. (Some extensions are priced higher.) If we are designing your website, we will waive our regular $10.00 service fee for registering. You may also set up your own account and register domains directly through this website if you wish. If your domain name is not registered through us, it is helpful for us to have access to your account in the event any technical-related changes need to be made. We register all domains through ICANN accredited registries. (Currently But since they are 3rd party companies, we cannot be held responsible for any website or domain name problems related to the domain-name registry, including any unauthorized account access. We will make every effort to notify you of the expiration date(s) of your domain(s), however, it is ultimately your responsibility to keep track of, and renew your domain name(s). Update 2009: If you wish for us to register/renew on your behalf, we now require payment in advance for all new name registrations and on-going renewals. If you need your account login information please let us know.

Logo Design: We will make adjustments or redesign a logo once at no additional charge. If, however, you require further changes, or further redesigns, you will be charged at our regular labor rate. Any logo we design is your property, and you are free to use it in any way you wish. We can provide your logo in the necessary resolution for printing as well.

Photos/Images: We do offer photography services for products, etc., at our regular labor rate. However, all photos remain the property of The Site Barn and/or the photographer, unless a buyout fee is negotiated in advance, in writing. For the use of photos on other material or websites not designed and hosted by us, you must obtain written permission from us, or the photographer. (A license fee may apply, depending on the circumstances.) We are happy to use any photos/images/artwork you may have, as long as you have obtained written permission from the appropriate party(s), if applicable, and paid any applicable fees.

Payment Options: We accept money-orders, checks, and PayPal payments ($25.00 minimum) at: Please note there is a $25.00 fee for each returned check, plus the original amount due. (Website hosting may also be subject to immediate termination without notice.)

Content: We will not knowingly accept any site containing material related to pornography, spam, or any illegal activity. We assume no liability and will not be held responsible for the conduct of your business, the content of your website, any copyright or trademark infringements, or any financial or revenue matters in relation to your website or business. During the design process, as well as any future changes/additions, we will notify you via email or phone when work has been done. We strive for accuracy, however, is your responsibility to double check all content, as we assume no liability for any errors in content. If you notice any errors, you must notify us immediately, so corrections can be made. All websites designed by us will include a crosslink to "The Site Barn" at the bottom of each page.

Marketing: Keep in mind, we are a website design and hosting company only. Although we may provide suggestions on the marketing and promotion of your site, it is your responsibility to take an active role in this area, as we are not responsible for marketing your website! Depending on your product and/or service, and of course, your goals, it takes time, research, and in most cases, money to develop and maintain a savvy web marketing campaign!

For all sites we design/host, we provide a free link in our "Directory!"

By virtue of having The Site Barn design and/or host your website, you have agreed to these terms.We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime. Thank you for choosing The Site Barn!

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